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Women’s lower status risk for bhutan future
Ending Violence against Dalit Women in bhutan

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Women’s lower status risk for Asian future
The 2 billion women living in Asia are still paid less than men for similar work and are extremely underrepresented in top leadership positions, even in wealthy countries such as Japan, according to a report issued Thursday.Read More+
Ending Violence against Dalit Women
UN Women in collaboration with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office met up with Dr.Read More+
Resolution on Dalits Commendable But Outdated
For many years, the complex social practice of caste in the Indian subcontinent (and to a lesser degree, the South Asian Diaspora) has been the subject of activism and reform efforts.Read More+

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Bhutan natural choice for first foreign visit: Modi
New Delhi: On the eve of his first foreign visit as Prime Minister of India.Read More+
CRs must work to end caste discrimination in South Asia
Community radio has a significant role in giving voice to the voiceless, poor and deprived people, and also as a means to raise their concerns in the public sphere.Read More+
URFB claims responsibility of Phuentsholing bomb blast
An underground armed outfit, the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB), has claimed the responsibility of explosion at Kharbandi check post of Phuentsholing. The check post is 3 km away from the gateway of Bhutan.Read More+

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