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Dalit ire at RSS 'untouchables'
Dalits have objected to the identification of some saints as "untouchables" in hoardings for an RSS programme to be organised in Meerut from...
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Krishna Lal Kohli becomes first Dalit woman to contest for senate elections in Pakistan | 10 facts to know
Krishna Lal Kohli has become the first Dalit woman to contest for the Upper House elections of Pakistan's...
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Two dalit families get land allotment letters in Patan
With Dalit fury raging in north Gujarat and Ahmedabad following the self-immolation of 65-year-old activist Bhanubhai Vankar, the government...
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Gujarat police detain Jignesh Mevani as Dalits protest over land rights
Police detained independent legislator Jignesh Mevani and others in Ahmedabad as protests flared up in various...
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Ensure the Dalit voice is not stifled: Amnesty tells Indian states
Day after a Dalit activist immolated himself in Gujarat, Amnesty International on Tuesday urged the state governments to ensure Dalit protestors are not denied their...
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Meerut: Dalits Protest RSS Use of ‘Untouchable’ for Saint-Poets in Hoardings
Members of the Dalit community have taken down hoardings put up by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), describing...
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Dalit woman assaulted in public
In a shocking incident, a Dalit woman was allegedly dragged out of her house and assaulted by a group of youths in front of her husband at Sanamunduli village...
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As Dalits Reclaim Their Dignity, Caste Hindus Betray Impatience in March to Modernity
Once a subject of empathy, Dalits are fast emerging as a subject of envy. Govind Gopal Gaikwad epitomises that best. Even in death, Govind scares the local caste Hindu...
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How the Online Boom is Helping Dalits Reclaim and Reassert Their Identity
Sweta Yadav, a popular, fiery 30-year-old independent journalist who regularly reports on Dalit atrocities is disadvantaged thrice over. Being a Yadav...
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‘For change, Dalit narratives require more exposure’
Literature on Dalits has seen a manifold increase, leading to greater consciousness of the rights of Dalits in the society. This was the focus of discussion on...
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Jaipur Literature Festival: Not as bad to be Muslim than to be Dalit, says Christophe Jaffrelot
Eminent French political scientist Christophe Jaffrelot on Friday said that in the...
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'Ilayaraja's Padma Vibhushan is Dalit outreach': Leading English daily's headline sparks backlash
The Modi government's decision to award music composer Ilayaraja the Padma Vibhushan is "Dalit outreach," a leading English...
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