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Maldives Human Rights Commission President condemns the use of torture
The President of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, Mr Ahmed Saleem has condemned the use of torture, stating that "it is nothing less than a national disgrace that Maldivians are still regularly being tortured.
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Maldives discusses intolerance, Syria, Palestine, and women’s rights at the UN Human Rights Council
Maldives’ Ambassador to the United Nations Offices in Geneva Iruthisham Adam has told the Human Rights Council of the Maldives concern over rising incidences of racial and religious intolerance around the world.
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Women in The Maldives
As a new democracy that has recently attained the status of a middle income country, Maldives stands relatively higher in development indicators than other countries in the region.
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Enhancing livelihood security for Dalit women
Moinabad/Andhra Pradesh, 28 April 2012: On a hot April day, Ratna Ma and several other Dalit women from villages in Ranga Reddy District in Andhra Pradesh convened in a school hall.
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